We explore education through traveling

Our vision

“We believe that when you can be
full-grown in this world, you can
feel free to make every choice
intuitive and know that this choice
will always the right one.”

This year we as a family made a big decision. We will be traveling for half a year! We will be going on journey. A quest. To explore the essence of education.

Together we have more than twenty five years of experience in education. And at the same time we raise our kids for past ten years. So we spend a lot of time raising our children and educating. We believe educating is about: wandering, experiencing and doing like John Dewey’s vision about ‘Learning By Doing’ and Ferre Leavers on ‘Experience Oriented Education’. We see learning as a process in which you make connection to what’s learned before (curiosity), develop, connect with and learn with others. That learning ultimately needs to support children in an adult way, like Gert Biesta wrote in The Beautiful Risk of Education, so they can be themselves in the world. We believe also in pedagogues that advocate the principles “help me do it by myself” and “help a child to become not you, but themselves”.

For us the decision to travel is a logical consequence because of a combination of experiences. We are always searching for ways to refine our education. For our children and for our students. We believe ‘the’ educator doesn’t exist. We believe ‘the right’ education doesn’t exists also. We believe we learn by doing. And of course everyone needs basic skills. For example learn language and mathematics. Social and emotional skills.


our mission

The goal and mision of our trip will be to make a journey; to explore and research the essence of education. To connect our experience (in educating our children, follow them at school and in our own jobs as teachers) to research what education is all about. And in particular in Scandinavia. This because we think educating and raising children in Scandinavia looks different from our country, The Netherlands.

Learning isn’t linked to a school at one particular place, but the process of learning will unfold in ’the real world’, at school and in our environment and our children’s. And in this environment and process of learning parents have an important role. Responsibility. We see in The Netherlands a changing role of parents. In taking responsibility to be part of educating children. So an other part of our mission is to be inspired. Inspired about how raising children en education is integrated in Scandinavia.

Doing research means forming hypotheses. Questions about raising children, education and for example how children with special needs are integrated within the educational system. We will combine all the inspiration, experience and knowledge that will pass our trail.